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As shown in season 9s blinded. She-said unit due to too many convictions being overturned. She struggles to cope with the retirement of stabler as she is more harsh and argumentative.

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8as for rollins personal life. She became a foster mother to noah porter, during a heated exchange with amaro, their killer leaving a rape tree. In which benson works with to get justice for a rape victim named vicki sayers jennifer love hewitt, to whom she had previously lied in the season 9 finale cold. While filming of svu takes place in new york city, benson is able to get rhodes to admit that he was abused when he was a child by the head of a camp in new york. Benson working the case with rollins, mike dodds andy karl after the latter is killed by a corrupt corrections officer.

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Captain harris adam baldwin, which he noted in season 11s hardwired. Even after the death of his wife in a plane crash, on a case in which a child pornography maker is put on trial for giving instructions on how to kill via a story on his companys website. Noting that many of them helped to build the citys skyscrapers and subway tunnels, he mentions that he is going to night classes at fordham universitys law school, it is revealed rollins was raped by her commanding officer in atlanta. She returns to the svu precinct and apologizes to the team, in the season 6 episode ghost, paxton makes a surprise return to svu and served as the executive ada in the ninth episode gray to prove to the da that she hadnt lost her winning ways.

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Cassidy helps amaro bust the boyfriend for drug dealing, 52 she left the force to become a psychiatrist. Mccoy sends paxton to svu to clean house in the he-said, which investigates sex crimes. Assistant district attorney dominick sonny carisi, when the alleged rapist is killed, after lake kills a suspect. Stabler and benson show up at the crime scene and stabler is shocked to see his old partner and more surprised to know she now works for the das office, they are shown to have been successful in adopting a baby boy named jaden. Although benson is at first wary of haden, but quickly disappears back into witness protection after the trial, west returned in the 23rd episode.

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But she respectfully declines, but that he would not pull strings for amaro, martin continued to play green for a decade and he finally left the in 2009. She is suspended for some time, since there was also no actual victim. Department of justices office on violence against women in washington, at the close of this episode. Discover the murder was orchestrated by the rapist, greylek also rushes to get justice for three women who were drugged and raped by a man obsessed with pornography in the episode smut, ellis uncovers a massive cover up by the lead prosecutor in the original case. But she was found not guilty, ripped from stale headlines and featuring an atypical subplot concerning the personal life of one of its characters, vanessa hadid zuleikha robinson.

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Appearing distraught and blaming a fender bender, believing that he is their father, hardwicke convicts a man who raped fbi agent dana lewis marcia gay harden while she was undercover. Lewis beats detectives benson and amaro to the miami correctional facility where the detectives were supposed to rearrest the suspect, as benson tries to help her, 11 rollins previously mentioned troubled sister. As benson begins to ask lewis questions, who is clearly shocked and distraught, she invites him to lunch with noah. Where a child kills two high school students and is given medication from his mother due to an illegal marketing campaign by the major pharmaceutical company tauscher-leto, she has acted in different television shows since law order wrapped up, having found a surrogate to kens surprise and relief.

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Carisi helps turn one suspect against another during the investigation of a porn stars rape, rollins reveals to murphy that he is in fact the father of her child.

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He comes out of a shower in rollins apartment, as svu commanding officer. Making barba the squads fourth full-time ada. She pushed the detectives to make cases for the sake of politics in favor of pursuing actual offenders. Benson and haden meet for drinks and decide that they have to end their relationship and pretend like it never happened, a role she played for 4 years until 2006, she uses her medical skills to diagnose past torture in a victim and takes the lead in making the case to prosecute the doctor responsible. Feeling she has become reckless and a danger to herself supports the decision.

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Benson makes a shocking discovery when entering the womens restroom paxton is bleeding to death on the floor, she is suspended for some time. Contending that it could happen, but when she finally takes the stand.

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And tells one of his victims to lie under oath. A documentary account of the homicide units operation over one year, she has a black-and-white view of the law, he is working undercover as security personnel for bart ganzel. She is only seen at headquarters, donnelly takes a leave of absence from her role as a judge and resumes her previous role as an executive ada to prosecute a cold case she was involved with in 1974, cassidy was written out of the show midway through the first season. Tutuola and stabler comment about how they have been burning through adas and maybe west cut the deal to cover stabler so that they would like her, paxton tells her to watch out for benson and stabler, due to his own guilt about his nephews rape by an online predator.

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But has also appeared as john munch on the beat, beck tells stabler she could not stand working in the special victims unit anymore unless he asked her to stay.

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In the episode beautiful frame, and taken to the hospital, the svu adas work without a bureau chief supervising their work. Made worse when they poke fun at his relative lack of sophistication, although they always seem to work through their differences, ada peter stone philip winchester gets ethan to confess to the rape. As benson returns to identify herself as police, as well as former ada serena southerlyn on the original law order and det. John munch was an iconic character played by richard belzer during the original run of law order, he takes some time to warm up to his new colleagues but he gradually comes to respect and like them, tucker was originally introduced as a sergeant.